I help people design interactive soundscapes so they can build highly immersive and engaging experiences

Hi. My name is Lucas. I am a Sound Designer with a background in Industrial Design and Music. My story started on a winter day of 2011 when I visited a place in the outskirts of Ottawa called the Sonic Gym. Everything I learned on that day resonated with me so strongly that I decided to combine my design and music skills and start solving wicked problems with Audio Design.

Since then, my mission has been to restore the beautiful, informative qualities of sound by making the planet a noiseless place. With a focus on interaction sound design, acoustics and spatial audio, I have been educating people about sound and creating original, human-centred soundscapes for products and services. I've helped companies in the healthcare, automotive, consumer electronics, education and entertainment industries.

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to designing human-centred audio experiences

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The return on investment
of sound design

Audience attention

Sound is 3 times more likely to trigger your audience’s attention, create brand recall, and reduce cognitive load.1

Emotional connection

Emotional response to sound is 86% correlated with the desire to engage in experiences.2

Increased retention

If properly employed, sound can keep users 40% longer in experiences.3

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